MARE INCOGNITUM: uncharted or unknown seas.

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WHAT THE SEA WANTS, THE SEA WILL HAVE is part of my most recent series, MARE INCOGNITUM, which I began in 2017. Building on the visual language from my previous series, FLOW, this series dives deeper into exploring the idea of the unknown, and following paths that may seem chaotic where they may lead. It is very directly influenced by my memories of the sea.

This painting was inspired by an album by Australian songstress Sarah Blasko. The album (and my painting), takes its title from an old nautical superstition based on the belief that going into the sea, even just bathing in the ocean, was a foolish way to test fate.

Sarah Blasko, on her album: “it has a lot to do with just accepting your own fate, dealing with things in the past and finding a way to move forward in a very confident way… You know, the ocean is a really… It’s something that’s very hard to gauge. It’s really uncontrollable and life’s pretty similar to that”. This resonates very much with me, as it describes how the process of creating this series has evolved.

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