MARE INCOGNITUM is a series of contemporary abstract expressionist paintings that expresses my experience of painting as a journey, an adventure and an exploration of the unknown. Last spring, I set out to build on the visual language from my previous body of work, FLOW, with the idea of pushing certain types of marks and combinations of colours, especially related to water and to the sea.

I became lost in what felt like uncharted waters, and delighted in the exploration. It was interesting to observe the parallels between the painting process and the experience of life: you may or may not start out with a plan, but things tend to take their own paths and all you can do is follow where they take you as you respond intuitively to what goes on along the way. Sometimes the response is carefully considered, other times it’s spontaneous and unexpected.

It fascinates me how painting mirrors many parts of life that can feel chaotic and confusing while you’re in it – in both painting and life, the process can be at times arduous and heavy, while at other times it can be light and fun.

*Some of you may recognize that I’ve named each painting with a song title or fragment of a song lyric. Music is a huge influence as I pain… each painting becomes in part a tribute to the poet who wrote the words of the songs that help shape my marks.

NEXT TO THE SEA  •  24″ x 24″  •  Acrylic on 1.5″ canvas  •  SOLD
WHAT THE SEA WANTS, THE SEA WILL HAVE  •  24″ x 30″  •  Acrylic on 1.5″ canvas  •  $550
PERFECT FIFTHS, LOW SKIDS AND ARCTIC HOWLS I AND II (DIPTYCH)  •  12″ x 24″  •  Acrylic on 3/4″ canvas  •  $326 (each)
LET US PULL DOWN THE STARS  •  12″ x 12″  •  Acrylic on 1/2″ canvas  •  $125
PARTS UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN FOREVER  •  12″ x 12″  •  Acrylic on 1/2″ canvas  •  $125
SHERPA HIGH  •  12″ x 12″  •  Acrylic on 1/2″ canvas  •  $125
THE HEART OF THE MELT   •  12″ x 12″  •  Acrylic on 1/2″ canvas  •  $125
THE MYSTIQUE VARIES THUS  •  12″ x 12″  •  Acrylic on 1/2″ canvas  •  $125
YOUNG AS THE MORNING, OLD AS THE SEA  •  12″ x 12″  •  Acrylic on 1.5″ canvas  •  $250
ONE STAR AT A TIME  •  12″ x 12″  •  Acrylic on 1/2″ canvas  •  $125