Goodbye Now Sweet Summer

Goodbye Now Sweet Summer

It’s been a spectacularly beautiful summer here. I’ve hung both I Am The Sailor and Wild White Veils in my living room – it makes me feel like I’m swimming in the cool sparkling waters of the lake near my home. Just like the rippling waters of a lake or the ocean, these paintings are complex, dark, moody […]

Upcoming Show, New Work and Some Summer Fun In the Sun

Come see my newest work at the Arundel Art Show this Saturday, August 17th, from 10 until 4.

A Walk In The Woods, Painting and Inspiration

A Walk In The Woods, Painting and Inspiration

Snow has fallen early in my little corner of the world, but I wanted to share some of the sights and insights that have been inspiring me lately. I’ve been finishing up the work I was doing over the summer, which more often than not just means letting the paintings sit for awhile, until they […]

August Roundup

I can’t believe we’re already heading into the last two weeks of August. It feels like the summer has gotten away from me, as I’ve been super busy with all kind of art things as well as with work. I have a job for the summer that’s taking up a lot of my time, but […]

New Work In Progress

I’ve been spending a lot of time in my studio lately, working on a new series. I’m not ready to show any completed paintings yet, but I thought I’d share a few little sneak peeks!

What’s Been Going On In the Enchanted Forest

Winter is here. It’s freezing rain today here in the enchanted forest, and the golden days of autumn already seem like a long time ago. Okay, the forest isn’t really enchanted, but there were days this fall when everything did look beautiful and enchanted. It’s been a busy season for me. It always seems like there’s so […]

Work In Progress

Now that the mosquitoes have given up for the year, I’ve been working out on the deck.