Goodbye Now Sweet Summer


I Am The Sailor  •  Acrylic on canvas  •  24” x 24”  •  $850

It’s been a spectacularly beautiful summer here. I’ve hung both I Am The Sailor and Wild White Veils in my living room – it makes me feel like I’m swimming in the cool sparkling waters of the lake near my home.

Screen shot 2019-09-22 at 9.00.44 PM

Wild White Veils  •  Acrylic on canvas  •  10” x 10”  •  $250

Just like the rippling waters of a lake or the ocean, these paintings are complex, dark, moody and deliciously textured, with bright sparkling splashes. Even though I painted them, I can’t seem to stop looking at them, finding something new every time. 

IAmTheSailor_Room copy.jpg

I’ll be releasing the last pieces from Mare Incognitum for sale over the next few weeks. If you’d like to know anything more about them, you can contact me directly or DM me on Instagram. They’re ready to ship, if you’d like to have something to remind you of sweet summer on in your own space once the equinox turns those warm days into distant memories.

Have you ever noticed that day at the end of the summer when you can just smell fall coming – everything still looks as green as the day before, but the trees are emitting that unmistakable tang heralding the inevitable change. It’s something that I always notice, as much as the nights growing cooler or the leaves changing, and it’s always the things that tells me it’s time to change gears (and put on some socks).

Screen shot 2019-09-22 at 9.01.23 PM

Work in progress  •  48” x 24”  •  Mixed media and acrylic on canvas

I’ve got some new colours on my palette for autumn, and I’ve been exploring some new forms and ways of working. This is a bigger one, 4 feet by 2 feet, in progress, first layers. That cadmium orange in combination with the cool hues of the washes… delicious. I love this stage of a painting, all the possibilities, each stroke and daub of colour to come representing a separate moment in time.




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