Bye Bye 2018

Kim Duhaime • Contemporary Abstract Expressionist Painting #bestnine2018

My “most-liked” posts on Instagram in 2018

I like to take some time at the end of every year to reflect on how things have gone, what I might have done better, what was unexpected, what I’m most proud of and grateful for, as well as what I’m looking forward to for the year to come.

I’m definitely most proud of the work I did in the studio this year. I feel like I’ve made some great strides in honing in on a style and voice that not only feel like they’re truly my own, but also that express the intangible things that I want to say with my art. I’m also very happy to have revised my branding and redesigned my website, as those have been on my to-do list for quite a while now. To celebrate, I ordered some super fancy business cards from the always fabulous Moo.

Screen shot 2018-12-31 at 12.12.25 PM

My inner design nerd is over the moon about these: glorious thick card stock, crisp and bright colour, shiny spot varnish (insert 100 heart emojis)

I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to spend more time in the studio than ever before, and also a lot of time in the woods and by the water, soaking up inspiration. I’m also very grateful to everyone who purchased a painting, as well as everyone who follows my work and is interested in my paintings. It’s wonderful to have received so many positive and encouraging comments throughout the year.

kimduhaimefineartBestNine 2

Beauty and inspiration from 2018

I’m also grateful simply to be an artist. I can’t even begin to describe how much art enriches my life and my soul. The lens of the vision of an artist is an incredible discovery for me: not only is the world beautiful, it is also incredibly inspiring. Looking out at the world in this way creates a deeply spiritual connection that I feel privileged beyond words to experience.

I feel like I could have (and should have) done more: more work, more marketing, more on social media, more blog posts, etc., but that’s because I’m more and more excited about the work I’m making, and I want to get in out in front of more people next year.

Among the goals I set myself at the beginning of the year were to make some connections with other artists and also to expand my artistic vision and practice, and so some of the best things that I did this year included joining Thrive Mastermind, and taking a number of excellent online courses. These were the best of the bunch:

2018 wasn’t all work and no play. I spent a lot of time swimming and relaxing on the dock at the lake, and I read 57 wonderful books, including the Harry Potter series which I was surprised to find that I totally loved. (yes, I know I was probably the last person who hadn’t read them yet). I was going to list my other favourites, but the list is super long! So much great reading this year: I hate to admit it, but I love reading more than anything, including painting!

I don’t think I can pick a favourite painting made this year, as my favourite is always the next one to come. So I’ll just end the year by wishing you all a lovely New Year, filled with wonderful art, prosperity, good health and joy!

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