New Work – Cool Ocean Vibes


24″ x 24″  •  Acrylic on canvas  •  Untitled

Aside from some minor touch ups to do in that dark sea-blue area at the bottom, this one is done! It’s been a brutally hot summer in a lot of places, so I hope you’ll enjoy some these cool ocean vibes.

I sometimes have a hard time finishing work… my process is very spontaneous and exploratory, so I’m forever “just seeing what happens if I try this”, which doesn’t always lead to a resolution in terms of design and composition. So… lots of layers and things can take a long time. It can be a challenge for me to reign in my curiosity and do things deliberately that will bring about the sense of balance and harmony that I’m seeking.
Another thing that I’ve discovered is that I often need to let a painting sit undisturbed for awhile before deciding whether it’s done or it needs more work. Sometimes I come back to things after a month and find that there’s actually nothing missing and they’re done!

There are five more pieces in this part of my Mare Incognitum series, almost ready for me to say DONE! So stay tuned for another wave of these (did you get that… did you see what I did??? Okay, okay, not funny. Yes, the heat and humidity are getting to me tonight! It’s definitely time for a moonlight swim here. Have a great weekend everyone.

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