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Most winter mornings, my day starts in the dark. I love to sit by the window, coffee in hand, reading, and watching the sun rise. I pretty much always have a novel on the go, but just as often, I’ll spend some time catching up on my favourite artists and writers by reading their blogs or checking out their Instagram accounts. This morning’s reading included author and poet Shawna Lemay’s lovely blog, Transactions With Beauty. Her post today featured three poems about sitting, which is one of my favourite things. This one, by Canadian poet Phyllis Webb, stunned me in its perfection:


by Phyllis Webb

The degree of nothingness
is important:
to sit emptily
in the sun
receiving fire
that is the way
to mend
an extraordinary world,
sitting perfectly
and only
remotely human.

To sit emptily in the sun receiving fire… so many layers to this! Mindlessly soaking up the sun on the dock by the lake is the most blissful of things, but going deeper… before painting, I’ll often just sit for a bit, allowing myself to become open to receiving the fire of inspiration. I just sit, letting thoughts, judgements and agendas fall away so that there is room for other things, as well as for nothing.


I just sit, and then I get up and paint.

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