New Year, New Work


WHAT THE SEA WANTS, THE SEA WILL HAVE  •  24″ x 30″  •  Acrylic on canvas  •  $650

My website has just been updated with several pieces from my new series, MARE INCOGNITUM. I’ve been exploring my experience of painting in the context of a journey, an adventure and as a way to delve into the unknown.


YOUNG AS THE MORNING, OLD AS THE SEA  •  12″ x 12″  •  Acrylic on canvas  •  $250

Last spring, I set out to build on the visual language from my previous body of work, FLOW, with the idea of pushing certain types of marks and combinations of colours, especially related to water and to the sea. My goal was to approach the painting process with a very open mind, allowing the paint itself to take me where it wanted to go.


PERFECT FIFTHS, LOW SKIDS AND ARCTIC HOWLS I  •  12″ x 24″  •  Acrylic on canvas  •  $360

At first, I found it very difficult to relinquish control, in the sense of not starting out with a specific idea in mind of what I wanted the final painting to look like. I wanted to approach each day in the studio with a mindset of not-knowing, and of being open to responding freely to what was unfolding in front of me. It’s easy to talk about it simply now, but very hard to do for someone with strong opinions about what I like! But I wanted to get away from the idea of painting as a means of producing an object for sale, and instead learn to approach painting in a different way. I was looking to surrender to the sensuality and depth of the experience of a pure creative impulse.

Through the process of learning how to surrender, I learned some interesting things… chiefly that painting mirrors life in the way that it can feel chaotic and confusing while you’re in the thick of it. And then with a bit of time and distance, things make more sense. Patterns emerge both in painting and in life. It can feel arduous and heavy at times, while at other times it feels easy, light and fun.


LET US PULL DOWN THE STARS  •  12″ x 12″  •  Acrylic on canvas  •  $250

So here’s to a New Year filled with discovery and creativity to all of you!

I haven’t put these up in my shop yet, so if there’s anything you find yourself interested in, please drop me a note. I’ll be happy to share the story behind each piece with you. And please visit my website to see some more of this series.

*Some of you may recognize that I’ve named each painting with a song title or fragment of a song lyric. Music is a huge influence as I pain… each painting becomes in part a tribute to the poet who wrote the words of the songs that help shape my marks.

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