August Roundup


An as yet untitled piece that I was working on at the Symposium du Domaine Saint-Bernard.

I can’t believe we’re already heading into the last two weeks of August. It feels like the summer has gotten away from me, as I’ve been super busy with all kind of art things as well as with work. I have a job for the summer that’s taking up a lot of my time, but it’s something I really love so I can’t complain.


Several artists took advantage of the beauty of the site to work on paintings in situ.

First, I have to mention taking part in the Symposium des Arts du Domaine Saint-Bernard, August 4-6. First of all, the site is spectacular. Just down the road from the defunct Gray Rocks ski resort, the Domaine is on the site of a former monastery, sitting in the shadow of Mont-Tremblant’s ski trails, with lots of nature trails, resident wildlife and a pretty little beach. It’s a haven of peaceful nature hidden in the woods right near the bustling town. On the Friday after setting up our work in our tents, we were treated to a 5 à 7 private pre-show with several VIP guests. Wine and delicious hors d’oeuvres were served.


It did get a lot busier than these photos show, but I was occupied in my tent with visitors and only took pics when it was quiet!

The weekend was windy with some looming thunder storms, so the turnout was not as good as we’d all hoped, but I sold my painting Next To the Sea – a big thank you to Cyndie and Jeff for taking this very special piece home with them, as well as to all who attended and took the time to chat with me about my work. I’ve also since been contacted by collectors from Germany about purchasing a piece that they saw during the show. I was very pleased with the setup of the tents by the organizers, and the best part was having the chance to meet some new artist friends. All in all, it proved to be a very successful and enjoyable weekend. I hope to participate again next year!


An impromptu jam sessions broke out early Saturday morning at the Symposium.


Also this month, I managed to sneak in a visit to the 1001 Pots pottery exhibit that takes place in Val-David every summer. I love this show, not only for the stunning quantity of fantastic work, but also for the quirkiness of the site. I have a few favourite potters whose work I collect, including Kinya Ishikawa (who owns the property on which the exhibition is held and is the driving force behind it), and Eva Ferenczy-Reichmann, (I’ve been admiring her fantastical work for over 25 years). I’m always inspired by seeing how everyone’s work evolves from year to year.

For me, the highlight of 1001 Pots is the Jardin de Silices. This “garden of silica” is a wonder of creativity. Rusted steel cages holding thousands of shards and chunks of broken pottery, forming the walls of a meditative labyrinth in which stone, metal and water combine with greenery to pay homage to the process of creating. To make things even more magical, the garden is dotted with the mythical work of local sculptor Biscornet. I try to spend as much time in this place as possible while the show is open, it’s one of the most inspiring in situ works of art I’ve ever had the privilege to explore.


Le Jardin de Silices, 1001 Pots 2017

To wrap things up, here are a few photos from “the office”… I’ve spent the summer working as a patroller on the Parc Linéaire bicycle trails: it is truly a dream job to be able to spend my days in these spectacular locations.

MontageVelo2.jpgI’ve ridden close to 2000 kilometres on my bike so far, cycling the “rails-to-trails” bike paths of the Corridor Aérobique and the Ptit Train du Nord, lending a hand to anyone who needs first aid, mechanical assistance or directions to the nearest café for a good latte. After a long hard winter, I was really feeling like I needed to get out into nature and refill my well of inspiration, and it’s been exactly what I needed.


Last but not least… here’s a little preview of what I’ve been working on, along with a bit of inspiration from Mother Nature.


I’m very much inspired by water as it appears in nature.

Please excuse the mess on my table – I always swoon with envy over all those ultra neat and organized artist studios that you see on Instagram, but the reality is that painting is often a messy endeavour for me. Anyhow, folks, stay tuned because these little pretties from my new series Mare Incognito are going to be hitting my shop in early fall!

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