UPCOMING SHOW… Symposium des Arts du Domaine Saint-Bernard

I’ll be showing some new work this weekend at the Symposium des Arts du Domaine Saint-Bernard. I’m very excited about this one as it’s a juried show, and it’s situated in a beautiful location in the heart of Mont-Tremblant. There are 35 artists presenting their work and I feel honoured to be among their number.

Here’s a little preview of some new paintings that you’ll be able to see this weekend:


Tripping Billies, 12″ x 12″, acrylic on canvas  •  $250

Not every artist loves the dynamics of art fairs. You can get a lot of casual passersby who could care less about art except as something to stick on a blank wall that they end up hardly looking at. This type of person generally has little desire to connect with what they’re seeing and has no interest in trying to understand anything that doesn’t immediately reflect what they already know. They’re often quick to judge, tossing off an ignorant or insulting comment with no regard for the artist who is likely standing right there… with people like that around, you really have to have a good sense of humour to get through the day without feeling discouraged! Thankfully, a lot of people who truly love art seek out art fairs and spent a good amount of time really looking at what’s being presented. They may not stop at every artist’s spot, but they will take the time to speak to at least a few of the artists to show some appreciation for the work and ask questions about the artist’s process and philosophy. These art lovers make the art fair experience worthwhile for an artist, regardless of whether they buy a piece or not.

At a recent show, I overheard a passerby say of an artist’s body of work, “Ça ne me rejoint pas”, meaning that the art didn’t reach her, or that didn’t touch her on some level. I thought this was a thoughtful and graceful way to say that she didn’t like the work… much less painful to hear than simply, “I don’t like it”, or “That’s awful” (also overheard).

So for now, I’m still on the fence about art fairs, but I’m looking forward to this one because the Domaine Saint-Bernard Symposium distinguishes itself from many others by its reputation for drawing an audience of true art lovers.


Run Through The Moss on High Heels, 12″ x 12″, acrylic on canvas  •  $250

I always encourage everyone to pick up some original art for their home as it’s an excellent way to enrich your everyday experience. I have a lot of art in my home by artists from all over the world, as well as tons of objets d’art, little things that have meaning for me, from stones picked up at the beach to little arrangements of sticks and pinecones, to metal, ceramic and driftwood sculptures… Probably it seems like lots of flotsam and jetsam that would mean nothing to anyone else, but when those things are lovingly made by hand by someone who’s putting their heart and soul into what they’re creating, the object becomes all the more precious to me. I choose to surround myself with things that touch me, that have meaning for me in some way, that have textures, colours and patterns fascinate me.

My paintings are made from that same impulse. I love water, floating in the waves, the movement and variegated colours of the water, the textures of the shore. My latest paintings explore and express my love all those things. I use fluid pigments to create patterns of movement and texture, flow and ebb, punctuated by thick and colourful paint strokes. My work expresses the bright, exuberant energy I sense in the world around me, through paintings filled with energetic movement and sensual colour.

So if you’re in the Tremblant area this weekend, I do hope you’ll stop by!

539, ch. Saint-Bernard, Mont-Tremblant, QC
Saturday: 10:00-18:00
Sunday: 10:00-16:00

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