Midsummer Days… Here Be Dragons


WHIRLWIND I & II (dyptich) • 2 x 10″ X 10″ • Acrylic on 1.5″ Gallery Wrapped Canvas

I have two great things coming up fast this summer… Tomorrow, ArtBomb is featuring my dyptich, Whirlwind I & II. ArtBomb is a daily online art auction featuring curated works of art from artists across Canada. It’s a great way to discover interesting and affordable work from all across the country. Just subscribe (for free) and they will deliver one to three pieces to your inbox every morning. Bidding opens at 6 a.m.

I will also be at the Symposium des Arts du Domaine Saint-Bernard, which is coming up on the 4th & 5th of August. I’ve very excited about this one, as it’s a juried show and there were very few abstract artists selected. The Domaine is in a beautiful location in Mont-Tremblant, with a beach, gardens, hiking trails and an astronomical observation pavilion.


I’ve been busy busy busy this summer. Things are evolving and I find myself working on a new series (tentatively titled Mare Incognitum) as well as completing the latest pieces in my Flow series. I was planning on releasing a whole bunch of new work to start off the summer, but the reality is that I’ve only completed 3 paintings since winter ended. Yup.

There’s always lots of talk among artists about fearing the blank canvas… ha! That’s in no way a problem for me as I love nothing more than to attack a blank canvas. I generally have up to a dozen pieces sitting around in various stages of completion but looking at the pile this morning, I realized that things have gotten a bit out of hand: the count this morning came to … 39. Thirty nine!!!

It’s clear that I’ve been indulging my enthusiasm for the emptiness of  the white canvas a little too often. I’m not sure why I’m have so much trouble getting them to the finish line this summer, but it’s definitely a bit uncomfortable having so many of them sitting there unresolved. My painting process is very slow. I work intuitively and every time I face the canvas, it’s a journey of navigating the unknown. I don’t approach painting with any sort of specific destination in mind. I begin with a limited palette of colours and of course my personal lexicon of mark making is always front and centre, but I never start with a plan. As the piece progresses, I respond to what’s in front of me by adding or subtracting something, and sometimes annihilating the composition entirely with a bold, unexpected move. I work very wet which requires lots of drying time between multiple layers, so that slows things down even more. In my new series, I’ve been trying to be very mindful of this journey of exploration as it evolves. Stay tuned for a whole raft of new work coming up soon!

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