Cadence 2: Music and Art

I’m super happy to announce that I have a piece in a show that opens this weekend at the E.K. Voland Gallery, which is located in the Complexe du Canal Lachine in Saint-Henri (in Montreal). The show is called CADENCE 2 – Music & Art Together, featuring 30 paintings that have music as their common element. […]

Mind Riot… A Rock God Falls Silent: My Dark Knight Is Gone

Posted by Kim on May 25, 2017 in Events |No Comments

I heard the news a week ago, listening to Q on CBC. On Wednesday night, Soundgarden played Rock City, and two hours later, Chris Cornell was dead. Suicide. I was floored. Couldn’t breathe. I felt sick. Gutted. Why? I didn’t know the man. I wasn’t a fan girl. I loved a lot of his music, […]