Colour Therapy

EEEP… how can it already be mid-February!

Despite being a big fan of winter’s delights, when the white stuff starts to pile up above the height of the window ledge in my kitchen,my eyes start craving green and my thoughts begin to turn towards the joys of gardening. Yesterday I caught myself driving way out of my usual route to lurk in front of our local plant nursery, looking in vain for signs of life in the greenhouse. I’ve been catching myself lingering in front of grocery store displays of bright tulips and hyacinths, and haunting the sparse selection of yellowing plants left over from last year and the holidays in the big box stores. My seed packet collection has gotten dusted off, fondled and drooled over as though it were a chest filled with gold.

So you can understand that it’s no stretch for me to be super excited about Pantone’s colour of the year for 2017: Pantone Greenery, PMS 15-0343. Like really excited, people. Like me squeeing in front of my tablet when I first saw it, which is beyond being out of character for me.


Pantone describes Greenery perfectly: “a refreshing and revitalizing shade, symbolic of new beginnings”. Just the thing I’ve been craving, and exactly what we all need right now to help us get through yet another cold and grey wintry day, right?

Leatrice Eisemen, Executive Director of the Pantone Colour Institute has this to say about their choice:


It’s not a colour that I’ve used all that much in my work up until now, but I’m finding myself reaching for my tubes and sticks of green more and more often. I don’t know if it’s the result of the plant addiction that’s come over me in the last few years, or the fact that it’s everywhere right now… it certainly doesn’t hurt that anything fresh and green is right on trend!

Here are a few of my paintings that feature green, available right now in my Etsy shop.


Jaunt (top) and Charlestown (bottom), 16″ x 12″, mixed media on canvas

Jaunt and Charlestown (above) are a couple of fun little sketchy studies that I did quite awhile back mixing acrylic washes with ink and pastel drawings over top. Swim Out Past The Breakers (below) is a more recent piece featuring a moodier shade of green:


Swim Out Past The Breakers, 16″ x 16″, acrylic on 1.5″ gallery wrap canvas

Greenery is such a vibrant hit of vitality, perfect for brightening up your home or wardrobe. A quick Google search yields tons of inspiration, like this yummy looking moodboard from ItalianBark (if you love all things deco, you have to check out their site!!):


Now tell me that this does not make you want to run off to Italy and gorge on pesto, or at least fill your grocery cart with fresh herbs and bury your nose in them (

Heather from Setting For Four has some great ideas on how to decorate using Greenery:


Repainting the whole room might be too much for you, but adding a few light touches with plants and textiles can easily revitalize your space (

I just love colour. It has so much power to lift your mood and enrich your everyday life. Last year I built my body of work around my enchantment with the blues of flowing water, and this year, I’m feeling drawn to the fresh hues of new sprouts and the rich, lush tones of thriving plant life. So I’m off to the flower shop to pick up some inspiration, and then I’ll be heading into the studio for a little exploration of my new fetish for Greenery!

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