New Work and Good News


As The Blue Turns To Me, II

I’m finally paying some attention to my poor neglected blog… but in my defence, I’ve been a busy little bee in the last two months and have lots of new work to show.

And it’s not “nearly done” or “work in progress”… I have several paintings that are ready to go: sides cleaned up, varnished, titled and documented. I’m in the process of updating my website, and my long-promised Etsy shop will be opening in June, so please stay tuned.


Feelin’ Groovy • Carry On • Chelsea Morning

And… I have some exciting news! My painting “As The Blue Turns To Me” has been selected for a juried group show taking place from May 31 to June 7 at the E.K. Voland Gallery in Montreal. The show is called CADENCE, and is presented by the Montreal Festival Folk sur le Canal. An open house takes place on June 2 from 15h-21h, where you can hear the music that inspired each piece in the show. If you have a chance to pop by and check it out, please let me know what you think. I had the chance to see some of the pieces that will be up, and I can say that there will be some excellent work so it’s well worth a stop.


As The Blue Turns To Me, I

“As The Blue Turns To Me” is one half of a diptych that was inspired by canadian indie-folk singer-songwriter Jenn Grant’s song, “You’ll Go Far”, from her 2009 album Echoes. She’s one of my favourite musicians, with a voice that ranges from the brightest quicksilver to smoky scotch, and lyrics that are so beautiful they’ll break your heart.

You’ll Go Far

I’ll be gone for the setting of the sun
You’ll be too standing on the shore
as the blue turns to me
And says you’ll, you’ll go far we know
and says you’ll, you’ll go far we know

I see it so clearly now
why do you still follow it?
I’ve got all these questions, how.
and why do you still follow it?
when it doesn’t lead us the way
It doesn’t lead us the way home.

Home, home, home……
home, home, home…….

I always listen to music when I paint – I like to sing along at the top of my lungs (if no one’s around). It helps me to get into a headspace in which painting begins to be more about improv than about design. Brushstrokes follow a rhythm, colours merging and changing in a pattern that builds on itself.

I particularly love this song to paint to. The phrase “as the blue turns to me” evokes my favourite place in the world, the edge of the sea. I love to walk the beach… everything about it fascinates me, from the patterns in the sand and seaweed, the little creatures, stones, shells, the ever changing forms of the water and waves, all the sounds, the birds, and most of all the incredible sky above. I live in the heart of the boreal forest, so the sky is always framed by the green of the trees, making it feel very far away. At the seashore, the sky is enormous and overwhelmingly present… it seems endless as it merges with the ocean on the horizon. I feel like it’s easier to feel a part of all that blue out there, and all those niggling troubles and cares just fall away in the same way as they do when painting inspires what I call the improv trance. Is the song about a lover, or about creativity… for me it’s about anything that feels important, all those things we want to hold on to but are so elusive, and so sweet.


I’d like to thank artist Holly Friesen for helping to organize this show. Please check out her work and try to see her work in person if you can, it is truly spectacular.

And yes, stupidly, I sent the painting off without taking proper photos. I’ll get the hang of all this social media stuff someday.

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