Postapocalyptic Dystopia… nope


Yesterday I got back to working in my little studio after a long hiatus. I’ve nothing to show for a day’s work… I guess I should have made a new start instead of destroying trying to finish something I’d been excited about months ago.

So instead of showing some fabulous new paintings, I’ve got a quote from Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic, this year’s most hyped creativity book. I sprang for it after resisting it for a long time because a few of my favourite artists had only high praise for it. So far, I’m finding it entertaining and I’m interested by some of her ideas, but it’s nothing revolutionary. I do like her idea explanation of inspiration as an outside force that comes to you if you’re open to it… this is pretty much what I’ve always believed. The best ideas come out of what seems like nowhere, and if you don’t do anything about them, they’ll abandon you in short order to go off in search of someone else who’s ready and willing to bring them to life.

I also really like how Gilbert demystifies art and brings creativity down off its pedestal. I agree that art is indeed something we could all live without, but books and movies and music and dance and cooking and every other creative pursuit are what make life richer and filled with beauty and excitement. What else do we turn to to make our lives feel like they’re worth something? And for those of you who yearn for the day we do live in a postapocalyptic dystopia, I suggest you try living without electricity and plumbing for a few days. It really takes the romance out of the concept.

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Stay tuned for a new project coming towards the end of the month. I’ll finally be launching my Society 6 shop with something very special that’s near and dear to my heart.


  1. Betty-Ann says:

    I somewhat agree with your ideas. It is true what you say about inspiration, but art, however, surrounds us and would be difficult to live without. Art is not just painting…it is poetry, literature, sculpture, photography, the natural beauty of nature, fabric, woodworking, etc. I would find it difficult to live without the beauty that I see, hear, read, feel, taste around me. That is another way of seeing art.

    • Kim says:

      Oh I agree it would be difficult to live without all the things that art brings us, but we would survive. We wouldn’t thrive and life would be dull to say the least. I also can’t imagine not making art of some kind. The human spirit isn’t made to be functional or utilitarian. I don’t think anything can stop us frombeing inspired and creative as a species.

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